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Monday, November 19, 2018
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Fitting a multi-genes linkage model for a complex trait, based on the assumptions that all genes may have small contributions to the observed linkage signal. The model takes into consideration an additional knowledge about genes association with diseases coming from microarray data analysis and gene ontology (GO) data.

The web application

A beta version of the program is available as a web appication on

The R program

The program is written in R, a free statistical program that can be downloaded here

How to run the Gidael program:

  • Install R
  • Download the Gidael zip file (below)   
  • Unzip the file to C:\Gidael (or other folder)
  • Start R and run the Gidale.R file
  • Optional, the LinkageData and MarkerGoData files can be modified
  • When the files are in an other folder, the Gidale.R file must be modified for the correct path:
    • linkagefilename <- 'C:/Gidael/LinkageData.dat'
    • genefilename<-'C:/Gidael/MarkerGoData.txt'
    • linkname<-'uk' gridDist<-5

The software is still under development . Check this website for updates.


 TitleModified DateSize 
Gidael v0.18/16/2013225.06 KBDownload
Gidael v0.28/16/2013549.28 KBDownload
Gidael v0.38/16/2013465.05 KBDownload
Gidael v0.48/16/2013465.78 KBDownload