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Monday, November 19, 2018
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RNetWeb is a web application to perform advanced survival analysis. It provided a graphical user interface to upload and specify data, to specify a model by selecting the variables in the dataset, to run the analysis and to see the results in text and in graphs.

The application uses the statistical program R to perform the actual calculations. The design of the application is in layers. The top layer (presentation layer) consists of the web pages, which provide the screens and the interaction with the user. The next layer (business layer) handles the interaction with the user, by translating the information from the screens into commands for building models and performing calculations, etc. The next layer (data layer) provides the basic functions for loading and saving models and for retrieving basic information such as variables and types, etc

The data layer is actually a wrapper for R. All commands to this layer are translated into R commands and executed by R. For more information see RNetWeb Code


RNetWeb is a web application for survival analysis. There is demo which can be started from