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Thursday, April 25, 2019
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General information

Here you will find the generic ProMISe manuals:

For some projects specific manuals exist, please refer to the project page or ask your contact person.

Data Retrieval and Reports

 TitleModified DateSize
Data Retrieval ProMISe 42/20/20191.52 MB
Data Retrieval ProMISe 4 - English1/17/20171.42 MB
Bestaande rapporten runnen11/8/2016299.00 KB
Handleiding kwaliteitsrapporten1/17/2017955.36 KB


 TitleModified DateSize
SPSS export3/9/2018542.18 KB
Release Notes ProMISe 4.011/11/2016309.16 KB
Release Notes ProMISe 4.0 English11/11/2016307.27 KB
Pop up blokker uitzetten1/17/2017242.33 KB
Secure download facility4/17/2018304.89 KB
Gebruik Dashboard ProMISe2/16/2018522.91 KB