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Friday, March 24, 2023
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General Help

ProMISe courses

Advanced Data Management provides courses for ProMISe users (only available in Dutch):

  • Data Entry: How does ProMISe work and how can you enter data?
  • Data Retrieval: How can you create reports and overviews using filters, and how can you export data?
You can register via Please, state your name, the name of your project and which course(s) you want to follow.

ProMISe support

Be aware that ProMISe only supports Internet Explorer 9, 10 or 11. When you have a problem with ProMISe,

Please make sure that you have run the interactive browser configuration checker!

This will handle most problems. If you have run this correctly and the problem still exists, you can try to empty the cache of IE (Tools, Internet Options, Delete Files) this may solve the problem. If this doesn’t work either, see below for the three most common problems and it’s solutions.

1. Logon failure and requesting a new password failure

  • Make sure CAPS LOCK is turned off when you enter username and password.
  • Check if you used the right username/ password 
  • If your username is correct, ask your projectmanager if your emailadres or mobile number is registered correctly in de database.
  • 2. Requested page does not appear

  • Probably the page is opened behind another screen and not visible. You can make the page visible with ‘alt-tab’ combination.
  • 3. Link to ProMISe on MSBI site fails

  • Contact your ICT department or internet provider. Your network or DSN server is not working.

    Do you still need help for your problem?

    Please contact the ProMISe helpdesk and report relevant information:

  • The name of your ProMISe project
  • Your ProMISe username (never your password!)
  • Your name, location (hospital etc) and email address
  • If you want to be called by one of the Data Managers, please specify a telephone number
  • Please specify the urgency of the problem
  • Your ip number (use the site )
  • A detailed description of what you where doing (for example starting ProMISe, loading a patient, saving, etc)
  • Any special button or key you pressed that might have caused an error; on which screen?
  • Exact date and time that the problem occurred
  • A description of the problem (what went wrong, has this happened before, etc)
  • Screenshots, press ctrl-'print screen' and paste the screenshot in a word file (if possible also a screenshot from just before the problem)
  • Do you have javascript errors? (yellow triangle in the left corner of IE). Double click this and give the exact message.
  • If you are a more experienced user, you can help us with a detailed javascript error by enabling debugging (see instruction under detailed error reporting)


    Helpdesk Email: ProMISe helpdesk

    Helpdesk Telephone: 0031715269726


    ADM helpdeskHelpdesk +31715269726