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Friday, June 2, 2023
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General information about 'Form and List'-module

Using the 'Form and List'-module you can add a Form or a List to the page. The module is pretty complex; so only a part of the possibilities is documented here: the records are show in a simple list, edited in a form and stored in the database of the portal.

The creation of a list from scratch is not documented yet. A previously created template of a contactslist is used.

Copy a previously created list-module

To make a copy of a module you have to be in edtimode.

  1. Hoover on the 'Edit Page'-button. If you do not see the button, you have to login or you don't have the permission to edit the page.
  2. Click on the 'Edit This Page' -button.

  1. Hoover on the 'Modules'-button
  2. Click on the 'Add Existing Module'-button

This will show the module-selector just under the menu-buttons. Choose first the page from which to copy the module.

  1. Click on '<None Specified>'. This wil open a selection component in which the page can be selected.
  2. In the tree click on the expand-button 'Templates'.
  3. Click on the page. In this case 'ProjectTemplateNL'.

The modules on the page will be shown.

  1. Check 'Make a Copy'. This wil make a fresh copy. Otherwise the configuration and data will be shared between the original module and the module you copied.
  2. Select the module and drag it to the content-pane of the page.


Sometimes the permissions are not yet set. So open the settings of the module:

  1. Click on the settings button
  2. Choose settings

  1. Choose tab "permissions"
  2. Select role "Project Contributers"
  3. Add the role

And check the permissions to grant to this role.

  1. Enable the persmissions
  2. And save this settings

The "Add New Record" and the edit pencils should now be visible.

Configuration of 'Contacts'-list

Because of a bug in the portal-software the sort-order of the list must be changed after the 'Contacts'-list is copied.

  1. Click on the pencil-button to open the context-menu of the module.
  2. Click on 'Form and List Configuration'

This wil open the configuration-form. This form is used to create and modify the shema of the data and the presentations in list- or form-view. To set the sort-order:

  1. Select tab 'Page Related Settings'
  2. Select section 'List Settings' by clicking on it. This will show these settings.
  3. From the drowp-down select 'SorteerVolgorde'
  4. The 'Sort Direction' will be 'Ascending' by default.
  5. Save the configuration

Add a new record

To add a record you must have the permission to do so. The permissions are set in the configuration of the 'Form and List' module. Every user with the permission to add a record will see the 'Add New Record' button beneath the list.

  1. Click on the 'Add New Record'-button to add a new record. If you don't see the button you are not logged in or you do not have the permission to add records.

You will see a from in which you can enter the data of the new record.

  1. Enter the data of the records
  2. Entries with a red bar on the left-hand-side are mandatory
  3. Click on 'Update' to save the record.

Modify existing record

To modify a record you must have the permission to do so. The permissions are set in the configuration of the 'Form and List' module. Every user with the permission to modify records will see the pencil-button to the left of the existing records.

  1. Click on the gray pencil to the left of an existing record to modify its data.

You will see a form with the data of the record.

  1. Modify the data of the record
  2. Entries with a red bar on the left are mandatory
  3. To save the changes click on the 'Update'-button