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Friday, March 24, 2023
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Text formatting

The layout of the site is controlled by a skin. This skin also formats the text. To present a uniform look-and-feel of the site the formatting of the text should be controlled as much as possible by this skin. This wil also make it easier to adapt the site to different devices.

Use as little formatting as possible

Do not use different fonts, fontsizes, colors etc. This will break the uniform look of the site. It will also make it impossible to change the look-and-feel of the site as these settings can not easely be overruled. If you use only the standar settings the presentation can be adapted for different devices.

If you use only the buttons on right of the top row of the editor you will be safe and not sorry. These buttons are:

If it is essential to use something different contact the administrator. Together you can define a style which can be easely used and easely changed if neccessary. 

Copy and paste only unformatted text

If you copy-and-paste text from another program (Word and the like), use only unformatted text otherwise the formatting wil be copied also.

This is text from Word with style ‘Normal’.

 This looks like ordinary text, but the fontsize and margins are hardcoded.

This is text from Word with style ‘Heading 2’.

And this contains even more formatting.

So don't copy formatted text. You can get rid of the formatting by pasting the text in Notepad and copy the text from there.

Sections of text

Use a new HTML-module for each section in your text.

  • This will give you a uniform layout of the header and the section.
  • It gives you also the possibility to hide the section from the users on an existing page until the section is finished
  • You can link to the section (TBD)