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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Report a problem

When you report a problem, it is very helpful to have a detailed description of the problem. This helps us to identify the cause of problem and to look into the log files for events related to the problems.

What information is helpful for finding the cause of problems:

  • The name of your ProMISe project
  • Your ProMISe username (never your password!)
  • Your name, location (hospital etc) and email address
  • If you want to be called by one of the Data Managers, please specify a telephone number
  • Please specify the urgency of the problem
  • Your ip number (use the site )
  • A detailed description of what you where doing (for example starting promise, loading a patient, saving, etc)
  • Any special button or key you pressed that might have caused an error; on which screen?
  • Exact date and time that the problem occurred
  • A description of the problem (what went wrong, has this happened before, etc)
  • Screenshots, press ctrl-'print screen' and paste the screenshot in a word file (if possible also a screenshot from just before the problem)
  • Do you have javascript errors? (yellow triangle in the left corner of IE). Double click this and give the exact message.
  • If you are a more experienced user, you can help us with a detailed javascript error by enabling debugging (see instruction below)

Problems with ProMISe can be reported by email to your contact person or the ProMISe helpdesk